Car Code Reader T31, OBD2 Car Code Scanner Check Engine Light Fault Code Reader Scanner CAN Diagnostic Tool For OBDII Protocol

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OBD2 Scanner T31

Powerful OBD2 scanner tool: iKiKin car OBD2 scanner tool, any amateur technician can use it to feel that he is a professional, diagnosis and small maintenance of his own vehicle. IKiKin car code reader has built-in full functions, such as Read and Earse Car Fault codes, I/M is ready, viewing frozen frame,Live Data Stream, VIN information.

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Plug and play OBD2 portable code reader: the iKiKin car OBD2 scanner tool is a professional vehicle diagnostic tool that is much faster than other OBD II scan tools. It does not require batteries and does not need to download applications. Simply connect the diagnostic cable to the vehicle's DLC socket to start and use, and the tool can start troubleshooting.

OBD2 car code reader universal compatibility: for the United States OBDII vehicles, European and Asian vehicles, domestic and imported vehicles, including since 1996. Supports all OBDII protocols, chart data (1996 and higher versions), can easily determine the reasons for checking engine lights (MIL), remove the code and reset the monitor. Support Can (Controller Local Network) and all other currents.

Family necessities and owners worthy: When connecting the OBD2 reader, it can be quickly and effectively exported via the USB cable of your PC or notebook computer, and the notebook computer detects it as an alternative data. You can copy and paste files to easily export the desired data. This iKiKin OBD2 car code reader is very easy to use and compact in design, suitable for travel or home.


1.Read Car Codes
2.Erase Car Codes
3.I/M Status
4.Live Data Stream
5.Freeze Frame
6.VIN Information
7.Support 8 Kinds of Languages

Works for:
Supports 9+ protocols compatible with all since 1996 OBD II &CAN compliant US, European and Asian vehicles

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